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Originally Posted by KS Droptine View Post
Do you have any information on starting a hunting club so we can share our ideas and tips to the next generation of hunters?
This site can be a help for any youth hunter out there. I want those kids on here reading posts from the older mature hunters that frequent this forum daily. Good learning tool in my book. The young hunters or potential young hunters on here is the reason we run such a strick language guideline. If my parents didnt let me say it when I was little we will edit it out here. No fault to the poster just would rather not kids read it if their not suppose to say it.

A young hunter thing that is being done locally here is a "Youth Day" on the first juvenile hunt. All kids are invited, prizes are given, refreshment, etc. etc. Its put on by a local taxidermy/processing shop and I am going to get heavily involved with it next year. It has outgrown the taxidermy shop and they can use the help. I think they had 80 kids this year. I am looking forward to this all ready.

Congrats on the daughters wanting to hunt with you. Thats every hunting daddy's dream I think. And believe me I will not hold my hunting restrictions to my daughter. I will teach QDMA but will without a doubt let her pull the trigger on a small buck on her first hunt if she so chooses. Now when she gets older and takes out a small buck or two I am sure her thinking will probably change. Just like most any other hunters.

Im anxious to see how your girls do. Good luck and enjoy.

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