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there is nothing wrong with shooting an immature buck as long as the reason to do so has been thought out. kids first deer, or anyone's first deer, meat for the freezer with limited time or tags. there are lots of good reason to do so. i just think "because it was standing there" isn't good enough and we all should strive to think about what we are doing out there for the "sport", the animal, and other hunters. someone said think about yourself and forget everyone else regardless of the harm that may be doing, thats just wrong thinking in my opinion. if we are going to get a kid or newbie into hunting they need to first understand all the reasons we hunt, tradition, management of the resource, food, ect. not just to kill stuff. again its the four stages of being a hunter.

oh and enjoy this time with your kids they do grow up so fast. then you're going what the heck happened to the time.

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