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First Hunts with my kids

I am so excited about getting out in the timber with the kids for the first time this year. Both of my children have decided to hunt, so I bought a youth model 243 last year and we have been shooting it a lot the last couple of weeks...(they are better shots than I am) haha As a 20+ year bow hunter this is a new game for me. We are talking about 100 yard shots and a new mind set. They have grown up with me watching the Outdoor channel and loading the dvd player with big bucks videos instead of Disney stuff. They told me they wouldn't shoot a small buck.... it has to be a mature deer or they would just shoot a doe. I didn't come to that conclusion without first a few small racked, less than mature deer in the freezer. I saw a post with the question asking why people shot small bucks instead of does with loose tag limits. Are we setting their goals too high for new hunters? They see the BIG BUCKS they take on TV and it is not to often they talk about management bucks, or show them taking does. When it comes to freezer meat we all know what taste better..... I think this is a great site with great information, and the more I talk to new hunters, the more concerned I get that we are not helping out the new people that want to take part in this sport. Do you have any information on starting a hunting club so we can share our ideas and tips to the next generation of hunters? My daughter has been in some heated discussions with kids at school defending hunting and talking about doing it the right way. I want to help out. Let me know your thoughts. I just can't believe how excited I am for them to hunt. What a great feeling for Dad.
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