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Rod building

I have recently been introduced to the art of building fishing rods. An old man that I have come to know has shown me how to start with a blank, some string, and a box of parts and end up with a custom made rod. I really thought that there would be a learning curve involved and that my first rod would not turn out well, but it did. I built a 5.5ft crappie/trout rod. I made it that short to control my casts working in the small waters that I fish for trout in in Colorado. I have had the rod out a couple times already and it performs flawlessly. I had Henry order the parts for me (he gets a big discount) and we got top of the line parts throughout. It still cost me ~$60, but the MSRP on all that stuff tallied up to over $200. I have only bought one high priced rod in my life, and it is one similar to the one I built. Tell you what...I don't know if it's just the fact that I take pride in building something functional, or it is just better...but I prefer my built rod vs. the bought one. Anyway, I had no idea this could be done, and I think that I have found yet another offseason addiction. Anyone else into rod building?

John Eitzen
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