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well, i see what you guys are saying, about the range of slugs and there use: CLOSE RANGE, but in my opinion, if a shooter's gun can print lethal patterns at --- yds and he/she can hit that range then it is within range of his/her AND equipments acurate range and is ethical.FOR EXAMPLE: when i first started bowhunting i was fine with a draw of 43 lbs and a max range of 20 yards,and my dad thought i was crazy for wanting to even attempt any farther, now im shooting 50-ish and could put arrows in a target the size of a slate call all day long at 40 yards. and as for the hunting acidents, yes there will be acidents but if people just used common sense there would be far less.BUT, as far as 100+ yds with a slug goes,i wouldent and wont atempt the unless i and my gun will do it (or if it is windy) but were i usually hunt i can only get a clear shot to 50 MABEY 75 yards. the extended rang shots would be for EXTREAM worst case scenarios(if i can pull it off). but dont get me wrong, i see were you are coming from, if i were planning 250+ on a regular basis i would buy a rifle. I guess only testing will tell. and as always, BE SAFE OUT THERE;)

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