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New to forum here. Here in NH buckshot is seldom used. I know some people that work in gunshops and they do not sell much buckshot. They largely use slugs in New England however buckshot is legal to use. I find buckshot is much more popular down South,Texas,etc. If that works for ya then thats the way to go.
In NH it is fairly thick hunting. You would think that buckshot would be used more...I think the old time hunters tend to use buckshot more so than the younger hunters. Overall there is much less younger hunters these days which may explain why buckshot is seldom used. All talk these days in this area is the rifled slugs coupled with the rifled scoped shotgun. I shoot
a Winchester 1300 with a scope with Winchester sabot slugs at $9.00/box. I am not pleased with the ammo price but I see a clear difference in results compared to a $3.50/box ammo. The grouping with the sabots further out makes the difference. I have taken deer at 100 yards with this set up. My preference however is to take shots inside of 70 yards with the shotgun.
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