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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
$300-400 should put you into a nice upper end used outfit.
for $ 300 - 400 bucks you can just go buy a brand New Reflex bow.
I think I'm the only one here that uses a Reflex Bow but that's only because I'm strict when it comes to quality, dependability and accuracy..
Now I know all the Mathews or pearson or Bowtech etc etc users are going to defend their bows, Which are all GREAT bows and that's fine but Chuck Adams is in the BowHunters Hall of Fame and a Reflex Bow is what blazed his way in.
I've seen guys spend almost $1,000.00 Dollars to buy a Bow, arrows & broadheads....

my point is this, You do NOT need to spend a ton of money to get a great Bow Even I was hesitant at first but now I am so glad I chose my Reflex Bow
my complete setup only cost me approx. $ 445.00

the following is a Quote from Chuck Adams

World's Best Known Bowhunter--CHUCK ADAMS--has this to say:
"Reflex* After ten years in the marketplace,
this name stands for solid dependability and
superior accuracy. During the past
decade, I have relied on Reflex to bring
me 92 record-book animals, three World
Records, and more fun than a bowhunter
could ever expect to have. When an
animal appears, I never worry about
shooting my bow. Like an old friend,
Reflex always comes through.
Reflex is even better for 2007. Brand new
designs, enhanced performance, and a
high-tech look. All this, plus the same
legendary Reflex quality hunters have
come to rely on. If you want more
animals and shooting peace of mind, it's
time to enter the exciting world of

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