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If you stalk on the ground stay in the darker spots of the forest as much as possible going from tree to tree. Match your camo to the surroundings if possible. Don't wear blue or yellow as deer can see those colors as is. Camo your face, wear camo gloves and hunt into the wind. Take 1-2 steps, stop listen look and repeat. Find a good spot with back cover and hold up. Half my archery kills have been taken stalking from the ground. One of the hardest things to do is fool a deer's 3 senses from the ground. They can easily smell you out of sight, circle downwind and you will never know it. I like pretend I am a Native Indian hunting food for my family from the 1800's...I feel this quirky role playing gives me an edge and slows me down to the necessary crawl to become the ultimate preditor.
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