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Originally Posted by K.I.D.D. View Post
ok well it was just an idea....soo where do u find all the hunting laws i tried googeling it and not much comes up
if you want to hunt at night i would just hunt hogs. I don't think there is a state in USA that allows hunting deer at night. I know if you're a farmer and meet certain stipulations you may be able to hunt deer at night as a means of controlling your crop but I can't say that with 100% certainty. It's just something I've heard from local farmers before, as I know deer can be a huge pain around these parts. Our local farmers have started planting a row of soybeans on the outside of the field as a sacrificial means to prevent the deer from eating their cash crop.

There are plenty of good hog hunting lights out there you can use. I use the bow mounted light from outrigger outdoors and it works very well for me.
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