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HOLY COW! NOW THAT'S A CHEVY! Was going to tell you to go with the VETTE, but heck, that baby there looks sweeeeeet!!!
Had the opportunity to drive/store/enjoy a corvette for awhile about 3 years ago. 60th anniversary edition. WOW. Best memory I have of it,, was on a 4 lane hwy in rural north central MO and came to a turn-off in the median to turn around and head back south (was traveling north), and a car (old mustang- nothing special) pulled out and was in the right lane as I u-turned and headed south in the left lane, they gunned it, I waited... I gunned it, BYE BYE. The look on their faces as I blew by them, priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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