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I do my best to stay away from shoulder shots on deer as the loss of so much meat isn't worth the shot. My son just harvested a nice 8pt in Ohio with a shoulder shot, most of the shoulder meat was lost. I prefer double lung or heart shot either will bring them down in seconds. I never got into re-loading especially late in life as factory ammo has advanced so much that I don't see the effort result in much gain. I now tend to shoot older rifles, Savage 99's in 300 sav and 250-3000 sav. Hope to locate another 375 Win or 444 marlin soon. Next year will probably find me toting a Marlin in 35 Remington for PA rifle season. I too think the 280 rem may be the best rifle for a one gun hunter. I was impressed with my son's new 220 savage bolt shotgun, very accurate and totes like a rifle.

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