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Good post! I like 130gr for my 270win, 150 gr for the 06. I do shoot 140gr in the Weatherby 270wm. Mostly, what ever works for you use it. I find the last couple of years going back to older calibers like 300 sav, 250-3000 sav, 35 rem. I am looking for a nice 375 win, 45-70 mar, or 444 marlin for hunting Ohio gun season. We just sighted in my son's savage 220 20ga bolt gun so hopefully I will give a report next week on it. I like Nosler, Swift a-frames, I do try to avoid the front shoulder shot on deer as too much meat is destroyed. A good double lung shot or heart shot puts them down in seconds. Elk need to drop in their tracks and not fall down the mountain side!

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