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Don't feel bad...

It sounds like you tried hard over several days to finish it off. Some animal had a good meal. There is a big difference between not tracking at all and working your butt off trying to find the animal. You shouldn't feel bad but I can tell you still do. I have missed animals, but as far as I know I haven't hit and lost one yet. My Brother in law did gut shoot a Buck 30 years ago and I am haunted by the fact I didn't finish it off prior to it making it to the nasty swamp. I could have shot at the Deer, but it wasn't an easy shot angle from where I was sitting. I was trying to figure out why it appeared to be moving slow with its head down until I talked to him 30 minutes later. He hit it, and knew that his shot was bad. He was tracking it hoping that I would get a shot and finish it. To this day I really think that I should have stood up and taken the shot. The Deer was hurting to much to have noticed me standing up. I still feel that I let the animal down.

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