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Can a whitetail survive this shot ?

Shot a bruiser with a slug quartering away flipped him over and far shoulder/leg unusable. I'm thinking I missed vitals and hit him between lungs and spine then blew out far shoulder. Tracked him next morning and bumped him 17 hours after shot. Pushed him with good blood trail. Opted to back out. Later in the day bumped him again not too far from where we backed out. Bed soiled with blood. Went into a creek bottom with a pinch point so decided to back out again. Went back 2 days later and expected to find him dead. I bumped him again out of his bed. No blood but some hair. Didn't move from his bed in two days. When bumped he did not bolt but no wobble either. Is this guy gonna die ? Can't imagine him surviving a slug through his ribs busting up far shoulder. Thoughts ?
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