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It isn't TO cold to get out shooting

Well it has not be fun here in Minnesota lately. Temps keeping getting on the wrong side of zero degrees F. Yes I know there are some of us that live in the 49th state that probably wish it was that warm.
I got out to the range on a day that was low 20s and it was fun to put some rounds through the rifle. My ammo was the left overs from Deer hunting this year( I didn't get a shot) and some I threw together at the last minute.
My big disappointment was one round wouldn't go off, bad primer. I have been loading pistol/rifle ammo for about 40 years and that is the first primer that I have had not go off. It was a Federal primer and I am sure that it was my mistake somehow. I always spray my cases with case lube. I can only guess that it ran down into the primer hole killing the new primer. I can only imagine if my rifle would not have fired at a whitetail.
Hopefully 40 more years before I have another primer not go off.

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