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Knife is awesome worked great in the field & back at the house.
As far as the story goes: After passing up many deer so far this season my season has been shortened this year for personal reasons & not getting out as much as I like (yes I am healthy) I don't know how much hunting I will get to do the rest of this year
I was sitting on a field edge where I have been seeing deer just at sunset. Here in NH we can hunt 1/2 hour before sunrise -1/2hour after sunset so I decided I would make sure I was sitting on the field edge well before sunset got to that spot about an hour before sunset & the waiting game began just a few minutes before sun set 2 deer came out from my left 140 yards away they were slowly feeding my way but with time running out I knew they would not make it in range in time although I was hoping with 15 min left of legal shooting I ranged them again 80 yards out it was then I knew this wasn't going to happen & now was wondering how I was going to leave without spooking them. just happened to look to my left there was a doe I checked the time 10 minutes left I did not have time to range I drew back guessed 30 yards & let fly lighted nock looked good then disappeared I knew she was hit. I gave it 15 minutes it is now pretty dark & can see my lighted nock out about 50 -60 yards in the field. My arrow covered in blood I gave it another 10 minutes and let my buddies know I had one hit. One of my buddies came up 15 min drive & we searched the field & the deer trails behind me as this was the direction I last saw her go. We did not find a drop of blood anywhere so I decided to back out for the night.

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