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Trail Cameras

Hi everyone,
I'm in the market for a new trail camera (or 2). I have been running Moultrie's for years, but they are to the point where they are either too old to keep taking quality pics or too undependable. I currently have 4 moultrie cameras. 2 are Gamespy D-40, one is a Moultrie M80 and one is a Moultrie M880i. The D40's have been great cams but they are slowly starting to eat batteries like twinkies and the pics are 90% of the time blurry. The M80 stopped working completely and I have no clue what's wrong with it. It was a VERY good cam for about 3 years. The M880 I've only had about a year but it's starting to shut completely off on it's own here lately and take NO pics (very frustrating when you've had it out in a great spot for 3 weeks and then go check it to find Z E R O pics.) That's what happened today....

SOOO... what trail cams do you guys use? I've used Wildgame Innovations in the past but they'd do well for about 2 months and then die on me. (Right GFD?)
I've been looking at Cuddeback Ambush IR but most of the reviews I read say they are junk. Plus they are $79 right now so there has to be something wrong with them.
I'd love to buy a reconyx but I just don't have the income for that. I'm looking for a couple cameras that will LAST 3-4 years. I don't think that's unreasonable. For that amount of money, they should last at least that long.

Thanks in advance!

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