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Bow hunting is hard work...

I have a 40 year old compound, Bear Polar LTD. I got it while I was still on active duty and home on leave. The first thing I figured out was that bow hunting is work compared to gun hunting. I love to shoot at the rifle range creating empty brass out of loaded brass. Practicing with a bow becomes work in a short period of time. Then there is the reality that your range for a certain hit is now x yards. This number is laughable to a rifle shooter where even an old beat up rifle is a solid 50-75 yard open sighted Deer slayer. Another factor that always bugged me is the concept that even if you do everything right you still lose Deer sometimes bow hunting. My friends that are hardcore bow hunters say it is something that happens. The great thing about Deer hunting is the extra time it allows the Bow hunter out in the woods. For Deer with a rifle here in MN we get a TOTAL of nine days to hunt Deer. Just two weekends and the five days in the middle.

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