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A bow shop (or even bass pro) will be able to cut your arrows based on your draw length. I recommend fiberglass arrows with 100 grain broadheads/field tips. I'm a fixed blade guy, but mechanical blades are the RAGE right now-- see what I did there? :)
You will fall in love with it. I started bow hunting about 15 yrs ago. I don't love it more than firearm hunting (and never will), but it's still fun. Can be very frustrating to find that perfect location to shoot a deer within 50yards.
Fall away rests are nice, but if you want something simple and cheap, you can get a whisker buscuit. I started out with one and they are nice- but you will have to replace them in time....
There are different kids of releases. I personally have a trigger release that buckles around my wrist. These can range from $15-$80+. You can find a good one for around $45, or you can find a knock-off or off brand on Ebay for $15.
when you buy new arrows, make sure you bend them a little to get them "loosened up". This is with fiberglass shafts.
Only other thing I can think of is to make sure you wax your strings regularly.

Good luck. Hope I helped you a little.

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