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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
If the story is remember is correct the 454 casull came about because some shooters kept pushing the 45LC faster and faster. Some of the weaker Colt models blew up. Using Ruger Blackhawks the shooters got scary velocities and pressures. With the 454 casull they got heavy based brass and thick chambers to give them back the safety factor they had used up. Also a 454 casull will not chamber in a 45LC pistol. My reloading manuals list two loading for the 45LC. One for colt single actions and one for the stronger Ruger blackhawks. Some may also list a third for double action Colt and S&W revolvers. Your 45LC will kill very well any Deer sized animal.
Yes, it was a guy by the name of Dick Casull in the 1950s. He used three different powders to propel his bullet(adviced against today). He also, help with development of the Freedom Arms revolvers.

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