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so here are details it was kind of an emotional roller coaster &
was a tough track I hit her at 7:00PM legal shooting was till 7:30 she ducked & turned just enough as I released so I let her go for an hour then went to look at the area I shot her at. it took 20 minutes to find my arrow or what was left of it only about last 6" were left even with the blue nocturnal (have to say the blue is the brightest color I have used). got a buddy to come up & help track due to only small amount of blood & did not look like fatal blood was extremely slow going & I was getting discouraged were were on hands & knees searching it was very thick undergrowth do to recent logging just a drop here & there. until my buddy noticed a good spray of blood & said it looks bubbly sure enough looks like lung hit I was feeling better till I went to mark that blood spot it is pitch dark & shined the light & the ground was moving I yelled bees yup both got stung she ran right though a ground nest we ran a bit to get away from the nest & nock off the remaining bees we had on us. Funny now wasn't then because as I was running I turned to look at my buddy & he his flailing like no tomorrow he had a bee stinging him in his back but was behind his backpack & he got a Charley horse in his leg he didn't know which to take care of first. well after we calmed down we realized we never got a chance to mark the last blood & neither of us were going back to find it so we did a zig zag to try & pick up the blood trail
was fairly easy as it got to be big frothy pools I could see where she stumbled & buddy panned the area with his flashlight & found her all in all she did not go a 100 yards it end up being a high shoulder hit took one lung, liver & through the stomach my broadhead tip was just poking through the skin on the opposite side. I am very happy for recovering her as I was thinking I had only wounded her & goes to show you things can go from good to bad in a sec & vise versa even when the shot looks perfect. Now have a Buck & turkey tag to fill
Due to all of this happening we did not get pics got her iced down & was home at 10:30 PM up early to get her to the checking station then skinned, quartered & in the fridge to age a few days. this is the first deer I have ever taken in September & if the weather is like this again I think I will wait till Oct. No Probably not I will say this area needs some does removed. we rarely see any buck or even buck sign on or around this property I know there has to be at least one as there are quite a few skippers but my word we have seen 10-12 known different does on this property & 2 young bucks. I am hoping as the temps are now dropping we will start to see the bucks some.
so recap in 4 sits total deer seen by me is 25
& buddy hunted with me yesterday he saw another 4

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