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How To Tag (Mention) Another Member

Here is a new feature that I absolutely LOVE!

When you need to get the attention of another member in a thread, you can use our mention (tag) function to alert them.

Step 1
In your reply, simply add the at sign (@), immediately followed by their username, with no space.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-tagging1.jpg

Step 2
Once you have clicked to submit the post, it will highlight the users name.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-tagging2.jpg

Step 3
You may see alerts at the top of the forum when someone mentions you, or you can view mentions on your profile.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-tagging3.png

You will see quotes in this same area.

Step 4
If you prefer not to be alerted to tags and quotes, you can set your preferences by clicking on the User CP and scrolling down to user tagging settings.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-settings.jpg

There you can adjust your preferences.
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