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Originally Posted by Scorpion8 View Post
Yea, considering that every ammo company says they are working 3 shifts trying to crank the stuff out for the last two years, it seems not to have gotten any better off. My LGS's get some in, limits of 1 to 2 boxes of 50 rounds, and then it's gone the next day.
And there lies the problem, everyone is buying it up as soon as they see it so it looks to be in short supply, according to one article i read that said, it's being produced at a slightly increased rate but it's being purchased at 1000 times the normal rate, the result appears to be a constant shortage. if buyers would buy what they need rather than try and create a personal stock pile the shelves would show a normal inventory. I think this is the only problem right now with 22 ammo.

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