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Originally Posted by Gamestalker View Post
My experience with lighted nock has NOT been good, so far!

I bought a set of three Ten Point Pro Elite crossbow
arrows with tracer nocks. (HEA-637.3) I shot one arrow into a crossbow target three times. The next time that I tried to put the arrow onto my crossbow the nock was gone! I never even activated the tracer nock. I shot a second arrow one time & that nock is now missing! For what these cost I would think that they would last better than that!

Well, I called Ten Point & got referred to Easton. So, I called Easton & the guy I talked to had never heard of anyone having this problem before. He is shipping me some new nocks & said that if I have the same problem again he wants me to send the arrows back so he can find out what the problem is.

I'll have to see how the new nocks work out.
I am new to this forum and while I know this post is somewhat dated I was wondering how your new nocks worked out?

Personally, I shoot luminocks and most of the time they have worked great. However one time the arrow did not light up and I lost it in a hay field. I will really catch grief if my arrow flattens a tractor tire - not to mention my wallet.

Another time I shot a really nice buck and think the arrow hit and stayed in the off side shoulder. I only found about 4 inches of arrow broken off and the nock was turned off. I believe the deer bit the end of the arrow off and in the process turned off the Luminock. Unfortunately I never found the deer.

Otherwise - killed three does and nocks worked perfectly just like in the videos.
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