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I am soooo frustrated right now !! I don't know if any of y'all have or know someone with gout or not but I got it. It's were my kidney over does the uric acid in my blood witch in turn can cause one to have "flare ups " or n over build up of this shatp crystal in your joints mostly in people's feet, needless to say more. I had a flare up start two days ago and am in the strongest point of it now that I can barely walk on my right foot and can't with out the aid of cane or crutches. Now the bad part.... Opening youth turkey is in the morning n I can't walk to take my son, I called dr n she call me in a stronger steroid antibiotic so I hope it's down were I can limp or walk enough to take him tomorrow evening or Sunday. Guess if not the regular season starts next weekend and is in for 4 weeks so I guess I got plenty of time to get him a bird it's just the fact we were both look forward to tomorrow. Ok I'm done venting now
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