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I'm 66 years old so for me to leave my church was difficult but necessary.
God nudges some of us to go further than our nose and comfort zone, and some of us need a minor explosion to move. If your time was up at the previous church then we need to be obedient and move. In our case it was actually about the kids and grandkids. We wanted for these kids to actually experience God and Jesus and The Holy Spirt.
We found it and each week that passes we look at each other and ask what took us so long.
We got tired of the man wants and man invented "God laws" and decided it was not religion that was necessary but a walk with Jesus in Christian community and we found it in Jersey Shore, PA.
Hang in there buddy and just remember where we would be if Jesus "tapped out"!
your hopefully humble brother,
BIBLE= basic instruction before leaving earth!
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