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I'm in agreement with others here; hunt the close pre rut and rut hard! We have several pics of good looking bucks on our Kentucky lease. Most are at night, but some daytime as well. This past weekend was a two day early M/L season and no bucks seen by three hunters hunting a good cross-section of the 250 acres. As typical this early also no rut sign; no fresh rubs and no scrapes.

Last year, as in past years, the bucks showed up right on cue, once the rut kicked in. Took a nice 140" at 2:50 on the afternoon of opening day on a 65* day! He'd also shown up 2 of the previous 3 days in the same spot during daylight hours we saw from the pics after I gave him a ride in my P/U.

Tough not to be disappointed when you know he's around, but be patient until at least the close pre-rut when bucks are roaming & trying to find that 1st hot doe! One thing that might work now though, calling and rattling might convince him that his "Buddies" had already found a hot doe
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