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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
congrats HB, and now the rest of the story????
This boy stepped out at about 70yds. I had 3 does eating some apples and 3 day harvest at 15yds and said boy it would be nice if he walked up here to see what the does are eating,and sure enough here he came. Stopped just short of the does 18-20yds and stepped to the right of them broad side and slight quartering away. Layed a perfect shot on him just behind shoulder angleing in and down from elevation change. He took off like a bolt. Crap I missed don't know how but I did. went looking for my arrow. found it and said dang its clean. As I picked it up I felt my hand wet looked down and arrow covered in blood from tip to knock. Looked for blood,stepdad came down 3hrs looking for blood. not a drop. decided to ride down a ridge line and found blood were he jumped the fence.Its dark now and as I cross the fence I get caught up in some old barb wire and tore my calf up. looking for blood again found a few drops going down. So I head down having to hold on to anything I can to stay up right. After about 80yds going down I see him about 20yds further down in a rock bowl. Well next step was my last until I was face to face with him. OK now what Im in a rock bowl and about 100yds straight up. worked for 15min. just to get his antlers untangled from the branches and trunks of fallen trees.Im looking up and saying now way Im dragging him up out of here. Went to skull cap him and saw was broke in fall, crap. So I just cut the head off. Cut the back straps out and light went dead. struggled back up and out with head a straps. Said to my self Im not going back down there again cuz if I do Ill never make it back out. Its 10:30 now and I shot him at 6:15. really hurt me that I couldn't get the whole deer out,But with a bad back and still not much use from my right arm from the recent surgeries I did the best I could

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