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Congratulations Rudy & Ralph !!!

I just talked with Rudy's Dad and I get the honors of posting this info because they do not have a pc at home, Rudy's only access to a PC is at school and he can't post pics from the school PC.

Rudy and Ralph were in a week-end long 2008 Lake Champlain Islands Fishing Derby and RUDY WON 1st place in the Pickerel category.
ALSO he set a new 28 year Derby Record with his winning fish.
He caught the Pickerel @ 7:30 on Sunday morning Feb. 10th 2008
A Chain Pickerel 4.35 lbs.

Rudy's Guardian Ralph grabbed the 4th place Win with his pickerel....

I'll be posting more pics of the fish for Rudy, ASAP...stay tuned...

Congratulations to both of those guys.. Good Job Guys!!

AND THEN Ralph had a Pickerel entry that took the 4th place Certificate..

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