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Info on strings
The most common thing is care.
a. inspect and clean and wax the string.
inspect and replace if any defects or broken strands.
wax and burnish, burnish the wax into the string this is but taking a leather strap rubbing it up and down the string to create heat and melt it into the strands.

b. types of string material.
8125g is used for speed it has creep and stretch
452x is general purpose no stretch and no creep
Trophy is general and hunting no stretch and no creep
(creep is when the fibers pull apart. stretch is when all the strands become equal in length.Thus a pre-stretched string has no peep rotation)

c. Strings don't last forever
general shooting replace every 2 to 3 years
target shooters every 1 to 2 years

d. Accessories
speed nocks for the extra speed
string silencers slows the string down

e. Center serving should allow the nock to fit snugly, not tight. The arrow should fall of the string when hanging and the bow is tapped.

Remember a well maintained string will help your bow preform excellent.

More questions try out this link: BCY Fibers


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When ordering a custom string! Put a little thought into your order.
1. Speed or not (slower by more quiet)?
If you order a string the material makes a difference. But the one thing people forget, how many strands you have in your string makes a difference.
For instance: if I ordered a string made of BCY trophy Material. This material is able to be built with 20 - 24 strands. With less strands lets say 20, I will pick up some speed from the string. Reason less strands reduces friction and less friction the string can cut the air faster.
*standard strands on any string are usually the maximum strands.

2. So ask questions before you order. I would think of what purpose I am using the bow for (hunting, target, both) and decide on the string material and the strand count.

3.Older bows, some are not designed for speed. This is because they are not as high tech. But you can get a few more feet per second out of them. If you change a few things. Like the string material and the strand count.
* also the lengths of the servings were a lot longer than needed. Remeasure and shorten them, and let your string maker know the new measurements.

Center servings:
here is where a lot of archer's miss the shot. Before I started building strings I thought the center serving had to be real tight. Almost to the point if you turned the arrow the string will move with it. Wrong! The arrow nock should fit on snugly, without force. Clip on clip off gently.
*In most cases when you get a manufactured string the center serving is too tight.
After a few shots say 1000. The center serving wears and a sweet spot forms so the arrow nock fits perfectly. Problem! it thins the center serving. Which in turn lets the center serving shift or premature breakage.

Fixes: a tighter center serving, a smaller diameter center serving, a different arrow nock, or a light file with an emery board

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