Indiana Deer Hunting

March 17, 2011

When people began settling in Indiana in the 1800’s, whitetail deer were numerous. Hunting whitetail deer was an important source of food for families in the state. Because the hunting was unregulated and hunters hunted year round, the deer numbers declined drastically in the early 1900’s almost to extinction. In 1951, Indiana had its first […]

Colorado Deer Hunting

March 17, 2011

When many people think of Colorado they think of mule deer, elk, bear and moose hunting. The whitetail population is rapidly growing every year though. In 1949, it was reported that whitetails has become all but extinct in the area. Since the 1970’s, though, whitetail deer numbers have increased greatly, especially in the eastern part […]

Pennsylvania Deer Hunting

March 7, 2011

Pennsylvania has been made popular by hunters all across the U.S. for its forests. With having 2.2 million acres in forest or wooded lands, they have a high population of whitetail deer. Of those 2.2 million acres, almost all of it is accessible to whitetail hunters. Harvesting antlered deer in Pennsylvania has increased in numbers […]

Montana Deer Hunting

December 17, 2010

With more species of mammals than any other state, Montana caters to hunters at home and abroad, for a price. Outfitters have had thousands of licenses set aside for them for years, yet with a new ruling, hunting in the Treasure State may have taken a turn. Non-Montanans will see a deer license increase of […]

Nebraska Deer Hunting

August 1, 2010

Anyone know the recipe for making big game considerably larger? This is an easy one. We say feed them. How about creating a food plot for deer to feast on, the size of say, Nebraska. Once named the Great American Desert, the state now yields corn, soybean, and wheat. You may call it deer bliss. […]

California Deer Hunting

July 13, 2010

Home to Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, California also shelters over 500,000 deer. While most everyone won’t be having their name carved, or perhaps laser etched now, into this particular stone walkway, we still aspire to have our name written down. We’ll take our place among the Sequoias, weapon near, and hope the next […]

Minnesota Deer Hunting

May 3, 2010

Home to the famous Mayo Clinic, where highly skilled doctors armed with the newest techologies draw people worldwide. If you’re not ailing, you’re hunting. Grab yourself a Milky Way, Snickers, or maybe a Three Musketeers and head to your favorite haunt, up in a tree preferably, and remember to thank Mr. Mars of Minnesota for […]

Arkansas Deer Hunting

May 3, 2010

Arkansas is currently the only state being mined for diamonds in the United States. In fact, Crater of Diamonds State Park can be prospected by anyone for a small digging fee. Any treasure found can be kept. We at Deer Hunter’s Club will take our chances sitting in a tree stand looking for a different […]

New York Deer Hunting

March 10, 2010

Think of subways, and buildings stretching toward the sky. The Big Apple is a tourist attraction home to many firsts: car license plates, the railroad, newspaper, the capital of the United States. Is there deer hunting opportunity here? Niagara Reservation opened as the first state park, so there is hope. Deer population was low in […]

Illinois Deer Hunting

February 25, 2010

Sports are huge in Illinois. The Fire, Blackhawks, Whitesox, Cubs, and ‘da Bulls and ‘da Bears are all professional teams. They are all in Chicago. If you want a larger playing area, not confined by rinks, courts, fields, or particular cities, try deer hunting statewide. Hunters, the woods are your playground. Deer hunting went unchecked […]

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