Arkansas Deer Hunting

Arkansas is currently the only state being mined for diamonds in the United States. In fact, Crater of Diamonds State Park can be prospected by anyone for a small digging fee. Any treasure found can be kept. We at Deer Hunter’s Club will take our chances sitting in a tree stand looking for a different sort of gem, one we can mount on the wall.

Deer management began in Arkansas in 1916 with a sixty-one day hunting season and a limit of two bucks. The population, which was guessed to be around 2,000, further dwindled into the 1920’s. This forced wildlife agencies into restocking, as well as tinkering with bag limits and the seasonal hunting length in an attempt to bolster populace.

The current deer management plan incorporates public opinion into the process. Sustaining a certain number of deer is difficult to achieve. At present, deer number over a million in the state, though a maintained number at around 500,000 is desired. Each of the six Deer Management Units contain citizen advisory groups, who together manage preferred population in their particular DMU. Strategies fluctuate as does the herd, thus regulations are in place to help the hunter of the future enjoy what we the hunter love today.

Rutting usually starts around the end of October in the north, and the last weeks of November in the south.

Arkansas Deer Hunting Facts