Primos Buck Roar

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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Deer Calls
Recommended?: Yes

I am usually a little leery about calls and how well they are suppose to work but I have to tip my hat to the Primos Buck Roar. On a recent hunt I had a hunting partner that was watching a buck that was about 80 yards away from me. I could not see it and had no idea it was there. He told me it was there and moving away from me so I pulled the buck roar out and hit it several times. I heard the buck running through the woods at me. 30 seconds after I made the call I had a buck on the ground. I have used the call off and on in the past without much success. Usually when I was bored from a long sit and decided to blind call for a minute. I will continue to carry this call in my bag just from the one time that it triggered the nerve in that buck to come in for a closer look. You never know when one of the tricks in the bag will pay off.

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