Golden Estrus Scent

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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Deer Calls
Recommended?: Yes

I have confidence in this particular doe in heat scent. Wildlife Research makes it and I have seen it work. I usually just hang some key wicks around my stand location that offers me a good shot if the deer walked up to the scent. Occasionally I will soak a rag and make trails around my stand but usually just go with the wicks. Its not going to work every time but if you have a buck walk by and he does not scent you I can guarantee the doe in heat will get his attention. I have watched bucks make rubs on small trees and bushes around the wicks. Even if I do not see a buck while this key wick is out if I leave the wick up I will return a lot of times to notice rubs next to the wick. I use it during the rut to try and give myself another advantage to keep the deer focused on something other than myself.

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