Rage 100 Grain 2 Blade Broadhead

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Reviewed by: gfdeputy2
Category: Arrows & Broadheads
Recommended?: Yes

I heard great and bad things about these broadheads but decided to take a chance and purchased them. I am very happy with these. I have notched my first two bow kills with them took a turkey at just under 30 yards and drove the tip into the ground after penetrating, shishkababing the turkey into the ground. No broken blades, a 2″ hole in the bird & taking off one wing. My second was a whitetail at a little under 25 yards neck shot & into a tree same results no busted blades a hole I stuck my whole hand in deer went less then 50 yards.

The Good: strong, replacable parts, fly like a field tip, open easy and leaves a BIG hole

The Bad: Well not so bad but they are a little pricey as are the replacement parts and sometimes open too easy.

The rage are rear deployment and locked into an o-ring. I have found I need to keep them lubed up I use a Very small amount of cooking oil seems to swell the o-ring a little so they don’t open when you want them to be closed. As of now I love these broadheads & will continue to use them until they prove me to be a bad broadhead. I don’t see that happening

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