Hoyt Rampage XT

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Reviewed by: Chris Palermo
Category: Bows & Crossbows
Recommended?: Yes

Purchased this bow a couple weeks ago & have already shot over 100 arrows the XT sell for $599 (Bare Bow) it is about $100 more then the standard rampage but for the extra money you get the XTS PRO ARC laminated split limbs & the fuel cams these are the same as the top of the line carbon element (standard rampage comes with fiberglass limbs & M4 cams) riser is cast magnesium with a nice 3/4 wrap grip it comes with a string dampener & roller guide it is available in two camo patterns (Max-1 realtree AP) black, 50/50 (black riser & camo limbs) & the Bone collector for approx $50 more (personally I think is a waste of money for some stickers)


  • 32 axle to axle
  • 7″ brace height
  • 4lbs mass weigh; my setup w/ quiver 6 arrows w/ broadheads, drop away rest, sight & camera weighs in at 5.5 on my scale
  • Draw weight 40-80#
  • Draw length 24.5″ – 30″
  • ATA rating 323 (take with a grain of salt) will crono mine & update soon I have a short draw 25.5 & have it set at 50#’s at the moment so this will shoot way less then advertised (not that you will come close to any bows rating no matter what)


  • Price (this is an GREAT buy in my opinion)
  • extremely quiet, smooth, comfortable & accurate finish seems to be durable unlike my reflex was


  • not much I can say here
  • Cams are more aggressive then I am used to so pulls a little hard (but smooth) for me till I get used to them also a little heavier then then my last one
  • hand grip is a little fatter then say a PSE but very comfortable

Conclusion: I am not going to say this is the best bow on the market but If you are in the market for a bow in this price range you should not pass on at least trying this bow out it actually may surprise you. Hoyt gives you the Rampage XT with all the features of a top of the line bow for a reasonable price & I am throughly enjoying mine

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