RedHead Convertible Bow Gloves

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Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Bow Accessories
Recommended?: Yes

It seems to me that every year when hunting season rolls around I am going to get new gloves because my other have been missed place during the summer. Well that all changed this pass year when I found the RedHead Convertible bow gloves these were defiantly worth keeping up with. The RedHead gloves design is really neat say for a day that is not very cold you can wear them as half finger with the mitten part folded back. When the conditions call for a little more protection from the cold you can pull the mitten on and you are set. There are two thing that stick out to me about this glove that I really like, first they have a small zipper pocket in the back of the hand were you can put a hot hands this is a good feature, next on the folding mitten the trigger finger is separated from the rest of the mitten which allows you to shoot with the mitten on. These glove would be a great fit for anyone that do not let the cold keep them out of the woods.

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