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buckhunter5 01-19-2009 11:54 AM

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does anyone know how to hunt 13 lined ground squrils (gophers)

joel the signman 01-19-2009 08:41 PM

run em down and bite the heads off?

ronn 01-19-2009 09:05 PM


joel the signman 01-19-2009 09:28 PM

thought somebody would get a chuckle out of that:whistling:

sparta mi dlv 08-08-2009 08:44 AM

A hungry cat and a bucket of water.

BruceBruce1959 08-08-2009 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by joel the signman (Post 25555)
run em down and bite the heads off?

and don't forget to take a video of each one you run down. :lol:

sum0902 08-10-2009 11:44 AM

I heard this movie has some good info getting rid of varmits.

rdrader2002 04-20-2010 12:12 AM

Many, many years ago, a friend of mine and I used to hunt gophers with .22 pistols. He lived in Dillon, MT and the ranchers there didn't mind folks driving up and down the back roads popping off the little buggers as long as they were careful to watch for livestock. For us it was the greatest! Ruger Mark ?? pistols, 4 or 6 in barrels, .22 cal. .22 rounds back then (late '70's?) were dirt cheap. For a couple bucks, we could spend practically all afternoon ridding MT prairies of the dreaded gophers.

That was then and I'm sure that times (and laws) have changed quite a bit. But oh, those were the days, weren't they??

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