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Old 12-20-2008, 02:27 PM
Scrub Buck
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I love turkey hunting with a passion, it is my favorte type of hunting i go every year, but this will be the year i shoot and big old Eastern Gobbler, but good luck to all of you who wanna to try and already hunt turkeys.
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Old 12-21-2008, 10:24 AM
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a friend of mine tryed the Guillotines last year. We both like the idea of the head shot but you loose most of your yardage for the blades on these broad heads are about 2 inches long making a spread of 4 inches in a cross patteren. well for one my arrows are way to short to allow the blades to clear the riser of my bow to even draw. he shoots full leinght arrows and still said he could not shoot over 15 to 20 yards with them.
I use the Muzzys from wal mart and have killed many of birds with my regular set up. best shot on a bird is being able to hit kill zone and pin the wings to prevent flight. I spring and fall hunt. I use a ground blind and a few decoys sometimes. I also use the decoys during deer hunting to help keep nerves deer calm even carry a turkey call, but anyways during spring hunt if you get in the woods before day break you can use a hoot owl call or a crow call ( I prefer the hoot owl myself) to shock gobble a bird to help you locate and move in closer to get set up. or you need to set up on a field you know they are coming to. in most cases untill the tom has mated the hens that are with him, he will be very hard to pull off to come in to you. ( thats where the decoys come into play) if you are set up to where the tom can or will see your decoys he will in most cases come running to show dominates and run the other jake/tom off. (witch should have been your shot). and for the calling you will just have to find the one you can work well. I like the slate call and I use a box call if its windy out. I also have a gobbler call I added two years ago that works well in prevokeing toms anger( lol) and you will need to know the yelp call mostly for spring hunting. For fall hunting forget the whole spring hunt its a completly different hunt the birds are not breeding. this is the time of year the birds are all grouped up and sleep and feed. the two main ideas for a fall hut are stand or ground blind hunt trying to get close to their roost or in an area you know they will be traveling through. next is stalking and breaking up a flock of birds ( you look kind of silly yelling and waving you arms around but the idea is to get the birds to all go in different directions) after you break them up you will need to know how to make the Kee Kee or the assyembly call (same call just two different names) but this call will regroup the birds back together. the idea here is they regroup infront of you. I hope this helps I my not be correct on all and other people may not agree but this is the way I hunt any has worked well for me.
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Old 12-21-2008, 11:01 AM
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sounds about right to me. only i try for a spine shot. this means either facing me or facing away. then elevation has a little wiggle room.
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Old 02-13-2009, 05:28 PM
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I had trouble with that spine shot from the back last year...Had him all lined up at 25 yards facing away. Pulled the trigger and the arrow deflected off the crazy backbone. It went about 200 yards away and met up with another tom. They both strutted on top of the hill until they flew onto the roost. When I finally found the arrow it had some fat on it, but no blood. I think the back shot is no good. The front is ok though. I have shot one from the front and it did the trick. The best shot I think you can get is broadside if you are on the ground...and from the front if elevated above the bird (this way you can tuck it in just above the breast and into vitals without hitting the meat).
John Eitzen
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