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Gibson 12-04-2007 08:59 PM

new to turkey hunting, need tips?
hey, i've never been turkey hunting before. im wanting to start this season though. anybody got any tips to give a beginner turkey hunter? do i just go somewhere and start callin?? or do i need to look for signs?

timberghost 12-04-2007 09:54 PM

What's up Gibson, if you mean spring turkey hunting just look for signs of turkey groups now while deer hunting. You may see the ground all scratched up, or even see a few while on stand. Right now if there are groups in your area you'll hear them. You'll hear the hens yelping to their young to keep them nearby. That yelping is probably the most important call to get familiar with for starters. You could have some results by going anywhere in the woods and calling but your success rate will be far more productive when you do your homework (scouting).

burgerking 12-05-2007 12:47 PM

yea the hen call for sure. For beginners i would say a raspy hen(mouth call) is pretty easy to get the right sound out. Or a simple box call. Just gotta call and you'll hear em. It helps to do your homework like timberghost said. Look for the ground all scratched up. Also the night before you go out, use a crow call right after dark and they will answer and that will give you a good idea of where they are roosting that. We have called turkeys in from like a long ways away..

Also it is a good tip that when you see a bird, dont move. Use a mouth call with a facemask on so they dont see ur mouth moving or the white of your face. Just always keep ur gun pointed at em and dont wait til the last minute to adjust.

Turkeys (toms) will also tend to circle you before they come in so dont think they are getting away just then and fire a pop shot. Be patient, they might circle back around... hope this helps..good luck!

joel the signman 01-09-2008 10:23 PM

see my post to"what to look for" i can give ya more info let me know if your still interested.

Berk 01-10-2008 04:14 PM

be patient,dont get too close to a roosted bird,know your guns range and pattern,your better off not getting a shot than spooking the birds off your property and again BE PATIENT.If you got a mentor to help that goes a long way.I spent three seasons in the woods before I got a tom.

Larry Carr 02-04-2008 08:05 PM

Lots & lots of camo...
...These wild turkey have the best eyesight going!! You really need to suit-up with as much camo as you can, including your hands,face, and your gun.Wiry old Toms can spot a shinny gun barrel,or a wrist watch,or your bright white socks, or the whites of your eyes!! I've got an old 12 Ga. that I use, that I applyed camo tape to the entire gun, and that was before they came out with the newer camo guns. Camo cap and face mask,pluse brown or camo gloves are a must. Two things to remember: 1. sit still!!! 2. don't over call, make that Tom wonder where you are. ( I have noticed on some of the T.V. shows, these turkey hunters wont shut up on their calling) When you hear a gobble, try to get close to him, run if you feel it's nessary, and set up about a 100 yds out. Great to have a decoy to set up about 20 yds out in front of you. Pick a spot that has brush that will break-up your outline, set down and get ready for the wait

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