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smithmr 08-09-2010 08:42 AM

Traps / Snares For Small Game
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Snares / Traps
A method used to collect food without the use of weapons is the use of snares / traps. The three I have listed are my favorites and do work. There are many more type of traps, these just take less work to set up, and you can set up many, as well you should. All nooses should be made from wire, less likely the animal will chew through it..
Rules For Traps
Avoid disturbing the environment – Don’t tread on the game trail. Do all your prep work off the trail and don’t leave any sign that you were there.
Hide scent – When handling traps don’t leave your scent, at all possible wear gloves to help mask your scent.
Camouflage – Hide freshly cut ends of wood with mud. Cover any snare on the ground to blend it in with the surroundings.
Make them strong – Any animal that is caught in a snare will be fighting for its life, a lot of energy will be exerted. Any weakness in the traps will be exposed.
Spring Snare: When game is caught the trigger bar disengages and prey is lifted off the ground. This is good for animals such as rabbits , squirrels etc..and small predator animals say foxes. This will trap game coming in both directions and is ideally suited on the game trail by a natural bottleneck.

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Baited Spring Snare : Same mechanism as the spring snare, but here the animal is tempted with food. This one is good for up to medium size animals. The noose is laid on the ground, and the bait strung over the noose. This trap can be located in an open area as the food will attract attention. On this trap just make sure your food support stake is only pushed into the ground because it must fly away with the noose..
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Squirrel Pole : Place several wire nooses along the top and side of the pole so that the squirrel will have to pass through at least one going up or down. Make the nooses about 3 inches in diameter Place the top and bottom noose about 2 foot from the ends, especially at the bottom, the squirrel must not be able to touch the ground. Now if you catch one this doesn’t mean others wont follow, they do, so leave it up for a good couple of hours not uncommon to pick up three.
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Thanks for reading.

timetohunt 08-23-2010 01:10 PM

Make sure you check your state laws and regulations befroe trying any of the aformentioned techniques. Here in NY "snaring" or cable restraints are not legal for use. Also it is not legal to set a trap that could result in an animal being suspended (hanging) above the ground. A trap may be set in a leaning pole set but must be secured to the pole it is on (staples or nails) or have a long enough chain that will allow the trap to fall to the ground when sprung.

Always know what is legal in your location!

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