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HuntingGal&HuntingKid 12-12-2008 10:52 AM

Rabbit Hunting Question
I need help, Ok Jacob wants to rabbit hunt,
I thought ok now what :confused:
I have never hunted rabbits.
Ok help, anyone:confused:

joel the signman 12-12-2008 11:43 AM

first find a place that has them.second you can hunt with or without a dog.the rabbits love thick can walk around kicking cover hoping they bolt then boom shotgun em.good luck

Hunting Man 12-12-2008 02:39 PM

need to be very carefull when rabbit hunting in pairs and in close cover, always know where each other is at all times. Rabbits come out of the gait like a race horse and you don't which way they will go. 20 ga makes for a great rabbit gun. Like joel said if you know of a good beagle to use it is some of the most fun listening to the baying of the beagle running a rabbit. A good beagle will bring the rabbit back to the shooter if they stand in place. With two people hunting take turns on stomping the brush piles while the other is the shooter.

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