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howie624 11-20-2011 01:37 PM

Noob, first shotgun season
Hello, all. First post, brand spankin'; new member. This is the first year I've shotgun hunted, been bow hunting for a couple. The first shotgun season in Illinois is pretty much done, and I can honestly say I'm happy and frustrated at the same time. To make a long story short, opening day I'm in my blind by 545am. I'm set up overlooking a ravine which leads to a river bottom, timber to my left, open grass/tall weeds, and a small pond behind me. At 625am, a pretty good size doe and two little ones walk right in front of me on the opposite side of the gully, 55 yds out. I shot the big doe who was in the lead and watched her drop where she stood, and roll to the bottom of the gully. I waited a few minutes after the other two wandered off, then went to get my deer. I looked down to the bottom, following her skid trail the entire way and saw nothing. After standing there for a few minutes totally befuddled, I walked to the bottom, and saw an ear. The rest of her was buried under 3 ft of leaves!! I didn't weigh her, but there was no way I could drag her out. She was a load. My buddy is guessing 180-200lbs. Anyway, got her skinned and she's hanging in the barn as I type. Now the frustrating part....five minutes into opening day, my first gun hunt for deer EVER!!!, I filled my tag. Hunted the rest of that day, all day Sat and most of today with my buddy and our sons. The only thing any of us saw after that was a little doe that my buddy missed. My question is this....that chunk we're hunting is loaded with tracks, three food plots, water, timber...and all around us on Friday and Saturday it sounded like WWIII, guys shooting 5 times in a matter of seconds, and we didn't see jack. Is this normal? Would love to hear some feedback.

timberghost 11-20-2011 09:01 PM

First off, welcome to the DHC howie. Glad to have you here. Congrats on your huge doe. Must've been a biggie. Opening day/weekend is normally filled with the eruption of many gunshots and there are people out there who will empty the chamber and disregard the safety of others and you can hear the way they are shooting. The deer sign that you see will probably decrease due to the intense pressure.

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