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Hoosier Hunter 11-23-2007 08:18 AM

Big One Bedding
Hello Fellow hunters!! First time here, but need some advice quickly!! I have seen a monster buck that is bedding in a fence row about 250 yds. away, I have seen him around 9 am and 4 pm, but he's not moving much just from one spot to another about 10 ft from each other crazy huh!! I first seen him going along the fence row to what I beleive is a scrape and then laid down. I grunted and grunted but nothing!! He will not get off this fence line. Any suggestions to bag this big boy will be GREAT!!!!:thumbup::thumbup:

timberghost 11-23-2007 10:12 PM

What's up Hoosier Hunter, good to have you aboard. If this buck does have a scrape close by and it seems that he lays next to it there may be a doe close to "standing" for him and her scent is in the scrape. He may be just hanging around waiting for her or that particular area is a hot spot for does. I would say try getting closer to that area but downwind (if at all possible). In addition to playing the wind consider thick cover that you or the buck can use, to your advantage of course. Also, is the rut in full swing there yet? If not he may just be in the scrape phase where he's just hanging around the area where most does frequent. After that the scrape may become dormant when he starts chasing all over the place. Hope this helped you out a little. GOOD LUCK.

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