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Old 03-04-2012, 03:43 PM
Scrub Buck
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Default Just how important is it

Hey guys. I have another quick question. Just how important is shot placement my son is going to be going after his first deer all I read about is shot placement. He is not that great of a shot yet we practice as much as I can afford I have him practicing on a ten inch gong at a 100 yards but u never know what will happen he is going to be using a 243 probably loaded with a 95 gr partition. Any digestions?
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Old 03-04-2012, 08:09 PM
timberghost's Avatar
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Shot placement is so critical. It is the difference between a wounded animal running around in the woods in pain having a slow excruciating death....an accurate, dead on shot giving a quick, ethical death.....or a clean miss.
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Old 03-04-2012, 09:07 PM
B&C 160 Class
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x 1000 what ghost said
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Old 03-04-2012, 09:39 PM
B&C 100 Class
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Just teach him the vital organs on a deer. Google it and it will show you if you are not even sure. I was always taught to go up the back of the front leg to the middle of the body! Will get them everytime!

Goodluck and keep him shooting!
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Old 03-04-2012, 10:10 PM
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I would make sue he can hit where he aims before letting him shoot at a game animal. I can't see if using a scoped rifle why he can't be a bit more accurate. If you don't mind, how old is he?
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Old 03-05-2012, 06:55 AM
BruceBruce1959's Avatar  
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TimberGhost is right, shot placement is extremely Critical, if a hunter (whether youth or adult) has problems shooting targets accurately,
then I think that hunter needs to spend more time learning to shoot better before going afield for wild game animals.
It's not just for the Vital shot you have to be concerned with, The safety of every hunter in the area is on the line when a shot rings out, something to always keep in mind.
Good Luck and I hope you and your son are sharing hunts together soon.
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Old 03-05-2012, 07:48 AM
Scrub Buck
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I think having the shot placement depends on the purpose of the shot or the position of the deer. But to most hunters, they consider to shoot it to the Kill Zone. This zone includes the shoulder area, and behind it the heart and lungs. Viewed broadside, it is roughly centered on the rear of the shoulder. This gives the hunter the best chance at hitting vital organs and/or the shoulder. Depending on the size of the critter, you're shooting at a zone that's approximately the size of a supper plate.

I think that's one must consider.
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Old 03-05-2012, 02:59 PM
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I'm not a shoulder shot proponet and here's why. Shooting a light weight bullet like a 243 and hitting high goes into heavy bone area. It probably will drop the deer but then you will have to dispatch it a second time and maybe the son won't like a screaming thrashing deer that he just shot and has to shoot again. Second, why waste up to 30% of the front end of the deer in meat loss by shooting it in the shoulder. That is where 2 roasts are and burger is. Why not teach him to hit the true dinner plate area and not waste any meat. I harvested a buck one time after it was shot with a 243 and acted like it hadn't been hit. Shoot for a double lung hit and you will be fine!
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Old 03-05-2012, 11:54 PM
Scrub Buck
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the info guys I am thinking along those lines that is why I am getting him used to hitting the ten inch gong once he can do that easy then I will teach him where to put that shot he is 14 a
nd is real excited about the hunt this fall
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Old 03-06-2012, 04:09 AM
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the 243 is a great weapon. My son has been shooting one for a few years. I started him off shooting 12" paper targets, and once he got over the flinches, and got his breathing right, i started using smaller targets.

Hitting a gong is fine and fun, but not really gonna be able to see his groupings on a peice of steel. Shoot as often as you can afford, muscle memory will help improve his shooting.
American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.
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