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rdrader2002 01-21-2012 07:18 PM

Looking to start (another) argument!
I've watched discussions on DHC about the different bullet grains best suited for different game. Having said that . . .

For a .270, which is the better bullet for whitetail deer, the 130, 140, or 150 grain bullet???

I've used 130 and 150 grain Core-Lokt's over the past few years. The 130 grains seem to do "okay", doing a complete pass through when taking out the vitals.

So does the 150 grain, but it seems to do a better job (meaning I have to chase them less) than the 130 grain.

I realize that the 130 grain (due to less weight) is traveling significantly faster than the 150 grain, but the 150 grain (also due to weight) seems to have more energy upon impact from what I've seen this season.

Okay fellas, let's have your opinions. . . . .:wallbash:


Hunting Man 01-21-2012 07:27 PM

140 gr Swift A-frames in Remington premium ammo because I don't re-load. I have 130, 140, 150's but for serious hunting like elk I selected the 140 swifts. Some might say the 270 is light for elk and I can agree to some extent but at the time I had a 30-06 Rem 760 and 270 Rem Mountain rifle and took the lighter one to carry in Colorado. My buddies now carry 338 win! I didn't feel under gunned at the time.

WisconsinDeer 01-21-2012 08:20 PM

I've never hunted with a 270 but I would probably go with a 150 grain bullet. Better section density than a lighter bullet which means better penetration and it has a better ballistic coefficient so it will do better at longer range.

gfdeputy2 01-23-2012 05:26 AM

for whitetail I never had an issue with the 130's that is what I use really because my gun seems to group better with them

spiker 01-23-2012 06:14 AM

Seeing as you guys wanna argue why would i hunt with a 270 when i have a 30/06:w00t:.Seriously tho my buddy shoots the 270 with the 130s but i would favor the 150s. I have seen the 130s blow up like hand grenades if they hit bone.It leaves a hole the size of a softball(total mess) and think the 150s would retain their weight a little better.I shoot 165 outta the 30/06.

BruceBruce1959 01-23-2012 06:24 AM

Good one spiker, lol and I agree with gfdeputy2, I use the 130 grain bullets because my Ruger loves them
but if a hunter finds better hunting results from the 150's (cleaner, faster kills) I would just encourage them
to stick with the ones that work best for them.

jkm97 01-23-2012 07:25 AM

I have killed quite a few with a .270 using all three weights listed. I probably prefer the 140s assuming my gun likes them, but in all honesty I never saw any real world difference as far as terminal performance on a deer go. For elk I would certainly use the 150s.

kemster99 01-23-2012 08:52 AM

I also have shot 130, 140, 150 grn bullets. My rifles shoot the them all pretty well, but the 130 grn group alittle tighter. I used to deer hunt with 150 grn but the damage was unbelievable. lost too much meat for my liking. switched to 130 and not as much damage. But i also will take neck shots when they give it to me.. no tracking involved.

gfdeputy2 01-23-2012 11:30 AM

I never have tried the 140's never seen them around here just the 130's & 150's I will look into them though

kemster99 01-23-2012 11:32 AM

my favorite 140s were Winchestewr fail-safes. I believe they still make them but they a tipped now. XP3 i think is the same bullet, but way more expensive.

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