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Scrub Buck
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I'm gun hunting only. I hunt with a Browning 30-06 Semi-Auto with a 3x9 Tasco Scope. It's been 4 weeks since I've seen a deer. I've seen 3 rubs and few fresh deer tracks. The tracks are leading out of the field into the woods. The deer aren't using the field like they were. The deer are going to the food plots across the road to eat then getting shot. I think so far the guys across the road have killed 2 4 points, a spike, and a another deer put they couldn't find it (possibly the 6 point my buddy saw). Yesterday, I hunted where they cross to go to the food plots. Still nothing. I think they bed down in the day then ramble around in the night. My buddy hunts in a tree stand overlooking the ridge where they cross. He said the only thing he's seen is a spike Monday. Our main problem is attracting the deer to the field. What makes this problem even worse is they're logging about half a mile away. With the trucks in and out, sawing, banging. It doesn't look like they will be coming out.
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There still might be time left

If your season is long enough the Deer may go back to there old activity levels. Often times with hunting pressure they will turn noctural as a defence. If they don't feel pressure and the weather changes they may change back. It sounds like you are spending alot of hours in the woods hunting, even without getting a Deer you have scored big in my book.

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Scrub Buck
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There are a few things to consider here. The weather. If it is warm the deer tend to bed down all day and come out at night. If it is windy they don't like it because they can't tell where the smells are coming from so they stay bedded.

With people hunting nearby, that will spook them and their habits will change. You should never hunt the same stand twice (after harvesting a deer), unless you wait a few weeks between. Deer will get used to anything if given time, so if they are spooked off this field now, they may return in the near future. The best thing you can do is keep going.

If they are spooked off this field, all the food in the world will not attract them. You can try getting corn or protein pellets (or whole oats like they feed to horses, which the bucks here seem to like a lot), but if they are spooked it will not do any good.

Time of day is a consideration too. Deer move approximately every four hours, so you should be there before the sun comes up and stay until 10am if possible. You might come back by at noon and again at 4pm and then stay until the sun goes down. You also might change positions on the edge of the field. Make sure the trails are in front of you and not behind you. Perhaps the deer are coming up from behind you, smelling you and then going around or the other way.

I don't know how many hours I've sat out there and seen nothing, but eventually you'll see one and it will have been worth it :)
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It is ilegal to hunt over bait(corn) in Tennessee, so don't go that route.

Can you move off the field? Sounds like the deer have you figured out. Move a stand into the woods or a thicket if you have them, the deer won't come into the field if there is nothing to eat. Hunt the cover they hide in.

This south wind we have had most of the season may have something to do with it to. You have to be sure they are not smelling you as they approach the field.

Good luck.

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.
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A few points:

1. Be careful hunting at 14 yrs old by yourself, and I'm not sure that it is technically legal in TN until you are 16. You need to be hunting with someone who knows what they are doing (setting up stands, handling firearms, etc) or you could end up in a dangerous situation.

2. Only seen 2 small bucks...you need to get some bucks/does under your belt so you can get used to shooting deer. It isn't the same as shooting a target...No one started out at the top, we all work our way up

3. Stealing our deer...Wildlife is owned by the public. They have the money and land, but they also apparently gave up the time to plant those food plots. It isn't a cheap or quick process so they can do as they wish with it.

4. I'm from West TN and it is illegal to bait in all of TN so don't go that route unless you want to lose your license and gun then pay fines on top of it. Also, much of the stuff they sell at Wal-Mart is actually illegal to use too. Basically what is legal depends on the officer and judge decide. The general rule is has to be aroud 50-60% pure mineral....but I've been told different things by multiple officers.

A few tips:

1. If you are hunting a been field this late in the season, the beans are probably more than past dry (if they haven't been harvested out) and they are losing or have lost their palatability to deer (doesn't taste good to them anymore). Saying that the tops are gone probably mean the actual beans have been harvested.

2. Wash your clothes in scent free soap, regular detergent has UV brighteners (which is how deer see) and have many chemical/added scents. Make sure you are wearing rubber hunting boots or are using scent killer spray on the boots you do have. Wash in scent killer soap and use scent killer deodorant. Every kind of normal soap and deodorant will have some kind of strong scent. Even with scent killer, make sure you are hunting with the wind in your favor

3. Hunt longer in the day. If it is true that the hunters on the bordering property are shooting just anything, then they aren't in the woods long. Deer will realize that and start to move more when they know those people are normally there.

4. Rattling and grunting can be hard to do. Try using hunter specialties doe in heat/estrus. You can get a doe bleat call, but in all honesty most young people/new hunters try and call too much...less is often more with deer when it comes to calls. Best bet is doe in heat and staying silent, it bring less attention to your location.

5. You say people say "big deer are there" but remember that is an objective thing. Some people call a 12" inside 6pt a BIG deer. There are no doubt good bucks in the area, but having a hunting land next to you that shoots a lot of small deer does make it difficult. It is not impossible though.
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You need to just Chill out. I have spent entire season and not shot a Deer some seeing one or two that I could not shoot. We can bait in Texas I use a Feeder and Corn w/apple sent built in. I can be a little more selective with my deer because it is my land and I know all the deer on the property from scouting all year round. I have lots of camera food plots ect. You need to have a lot more Patience or I suggest finding a different way to pass your time then Hunting. Your impatiens will cause you to shoot when you should not and possible hurt yourself, another hunter, and or not get a humane harvest. Try a Hunting Video game. Not trying to be rude but you have a lot of maturing to do.
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Can't really add much that hasn't already been said . . . .

A lot of good advice has been posted here for new hunters. Notice I said new hunters and not just young hunters. Patience is a virtue that applies to hunting as well as to life in general. It's also something that I work on every day when at work, but when hunting I don't mind whether I see a deer or not. Some things are just not meant to be, that's all.

I'd better quit here before I start rambling on and on . . . . . <grin>

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Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
I'm thinking about going to the co-op and getting me a sack of 100 pounds of corn. I'm hunting at a edge of the woods looking at the east side of the field. I've made a me a "homemade" ground blind. I just cut some branches and surrounded myself. I just sit in lawn chairs. I'm also thinking of getting some buckrageous to mix with the corn.
If you do, you will be breaking the law. You cannot bait in TN. Both corn and Buckrageous are considered bait in TN. Have you taken the Hunter Ed course? Don't start a hunting life by breaking the law. Do it right or don't do it.

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Scrub Buck
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Originally Posted by scribe View Post
If you do, you will be breaking the law. You cannot bait in TN. Both corn and Buckrageous are considered bait in TN. Have you taken the Hunter Ed course? Don't start a hunting life by breaking the law. Do it right or don't do it.
I completed my safety course earlier this fall.
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there's really nothing to get discouraged about. it took me 3 or 4 years to get my first deer, which was a doe. about 2 years later i got my second deer, a small 6 point buck. i got a nubby buck this year, but didnt get a deer the year before. im 23 and the only stretch of time since i took my hunters safety course in which i didnt hunt was during college so i'm average a deer every 2-3 years which i've been told is pretty normal. and thats a deer, not a buck, a deer. as they said earlier its hunting not killing. nothing is guaranteed and if you're going for buck only it gets rougher. i'm mostly a freezer hunter, IE i like venison, but i really do want a buck again, but we'll see what next year brings.
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