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MICHAEL 10-13-2007 11:39 PM

is anyone selling a rifle
i want to buy a rifle suitable for a 12 year old i am looking at a 223 , 303 , 243 , 308 , 270 and a 30/30 i am looking for somthing about $600 or less

buckfever 10-14-2007 08:38 AM

for $600 or less you could pretty much buy a good shooting rifle brand new.

peckspond 10-14-2007 08:53 AM

I am not selling right now, but for $600 you can get a nice new gun. I would suggest the 243 at minimum. I think a 223 is too light for deer.
If you have a Dicks Sporting goods store near, you may want to look st the Reuger M77, they sell them for about $579. Of course you would have to add the price for a scope.

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