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I hear you on the budget issue. For many years I had a wish list and now some 25 years later I can fulfill a couple. I'm a wood guy and like a lot of crazy grain when I can find it. I clearly remember sighting in my Dad's 270 wm and after 12 shots I had all I wanted on shoulder pain. When it was time to sight in my 270 wm luckily it was close and only took a few shots. I don't even like to shoot those things due to the recoil anymore. Good luck with the new rig and happy hunting.
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1. The rifle is too hot ( meaning it will pass through the deer and he will run off forcing a potentially long and burdensome tracking session)
Well, no.

2. It is too powerful and will cause undue damage to the deer wasting meat.
That is a possibility. A neck shot might be your best option, unless its a nice buck.
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I'm in the group that says I want a big exit hole. I wouldn't consider the 7mag too big for your area just hit them behind the shoulder and no wasted meat. The deer should nearly drop in their tracks as this is a double lung hit and even king kong can't run without air. I'm not head/neck shot man as there are too many bad things that can go wrong.
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"If I have to shoot 20 times in a hunting season with a 6 deer limit I should probablly take up golf or something else." About fell out my chair when I read that, will have to remember that line - especially the way I play golf.

As someone else has already said it -- it's all about shot placement. You put a shot through both lungs regardless what caliber and the deer's not gonna be running very far or very long. Who knows - you may even catch a rib on the way in helping the bullet to expand and do what it's supposed to do. Double lung also damages very little meat. Save the head shots and go for a more "sure" thing. But that's just my humble opinion.

For recoil - see the thread I started on this very subject. I zeroed in a Remington 81 taking 12 shots in about 15-20 minutes. Shoulder was bruised and sore for days. Asked the guys about a recoil pad and got a great response. Ordered the recoil pad directly from their website and it's already at the house.

LimbSaver : Products : Precision-Fit Recoil Pad

Last edited by rdrader2002; 10-17-2010 at 10:47 PM. Reason: Forgot the recoil pad recommendation
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New 7mm Magnum rifle

I beleave that both Federal and Remington make reduced power loads for the 7mm Mag. If they don't find someone that reloads and have them load some lighter loads for you. You don't need to hit a Deer with a 140gr going over 3000fps but that is what your factory loads are cruising in at. I did go on an Elk hunt with a guy using the 7mm Mag. He made a long shot at an Elk that I would not have considered trying. The caliber is a very good one. I love shooting different rifles from the bench for fun. I personally find the non magnums more fun than the harder kicking magnums. Yea I am a wimp...

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A 7mm mag is a bit big for most deer unless you are shooting really far. I have one for elk, and I have used it for whitetails, but I dropped down to a 150 grain bullet. They do kick a little more then a 30-06, but mine seems really loud and I couldn't imagine it with a muzzle break. If its the only rifle you have, just drop down to a lighter grain bullet, and use a good shot placement. I'm not a head or neck shot guy either, but I wish you good luck in your hunt. If you end up not really liking it for hunting you could always sell it and get a 7m-08 if you want to stay in the 7mm size. They are great to shoot, hardly any recoil, and are good to 300 yards, maybe more if you are a good shot.
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i dont think caliber is the problem its a fine round.the problem is its his first rifle and were saying once you sight in you wont have to shoot it much.a little more research could have gotten him a better choice(7mm/08,270,3006)still done all he wanted and he would enjoy shooting it.especially your first rifle you should want to shoot it and become proficient with it.if this 7mm mag means he doesn't want to practice or enjoy shooting it then it was the wrong choice.
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you shoot a deer with that 7mm mag it will give them a spanking!!i really don't think you will have to track a long distance if any if you have a good shot placement!i know it happens to me when i shoot a deer i don't even feel the recoil and i hunt with a 338win mag!well its one of cals i hunt with and i know its way overkill!!i have a 6mm rem,2506,308,3006 just to name a few and i use them all!!but.. thats me!!

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Ideas for your Remington 770's rough bolt

I went back and read all the posts on this tread and you mentioned that your bolt is a little rough. That is a kind way of discribing it from what I remember on the ones I have handled. Instead of oil I recommend that you go over to your local NAPA auto parts store and get some Amsoil heavy duty synthedic grease. It will be in a plastic tub about the same size as a cool wip container. It will be purple in color and it is wonderful stuff to have around firearms. If your rifle is a little rough as you say put a healthy amount on the entire bolt after removing it from the receiver. Then re-insert the bolt and watch some tv as you cycle the bolt a couple hundred times. Yes I said a couple of hundred. After you are sick of doing this make sure to clean the bore in case any grease found its way into the barrel. After cleaning put a little on the bolt lugs and enjoy a more pleasent action on your rifle. This stuff is incredible on stainless semi-automatic pistols.

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I shoot the 7 mag and I have no problems with the recoil at all. I also don't think it is to big for whitetails,however I hunt in northern wisconsin and the deer tend to be a little bigger there. And I'm thinking the reson I dont have recoil issues is cuz I am a rather stout man.
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