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Old 09-16-2010, 09:18 PM
Scrub Buck
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Default First Time Hunter

Hey everybody first time hunter... always wanted to go but just now got my license... just wondering some basic tips and advise anyone has to offer such as good first starting gun for deer... so on and so forth... much appreciated...
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Old 09-16-2010, 11:28 PM
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Welcome to the site buddy. Glad to have you here and greetings from WNY. If you scroll through the forums you'll find just about everything you need to know to get you started. There is pretty much an answer for a ton of questions throughout the site.
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Old 09-17-2010, 07:39 AM
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Greetings from Vermont, Welcome to the club.
A good Rifle to begin with is one that is capable of killing the game animals you intend to pursue.
If you're hunting for Whitetail Deer I would suggest you choose at least a .243 Caliber or larger.
As far as hunting tips it would be helpful if you asked specific questions and give us an idea of what your hunting area is like.

Good Luck
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Old 09-17-2010, 06:04 PM
B&C 140 Class
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Default A great starter rifle in my opinion is..

Welcome to a great sport and a qreat hunters forum.
Rule number 1 hunting and shooting are ment to be fun, if something is getting in the way of fun part work to fix it.

Rule number 2 you hopefully are going to have alot of fun shooting your rifle prior to going out to hunt/kill something. Practice with the rifle will pay off huge when you get a chance at a deer, and you know you can make the shot.

Rule number 3 talk to your friends and salesman at your local gunshops about selections. Your rifle is going to be your friend for a long time. It will not wear out in your lifetime. Take your time and choose wisely.

Rule number 4 unless you really liked getting the crap knocked out of you on a regular basis in sports I would NOT get a magnum rifle in any caliber offered. Big kicking rifles are not fun, see rule 1.

Rule number 5 if you can afford it try to save atleast 150.xx of your rifle budget for a quality scope. Scopes in the 150-200 dollar range are night and day better than ones sold for less. You can tell the difference maybe not in the store, but where it matters in the field.

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Old 09-22-2010, 09:11 PM
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Howdy From West Virginia, and welcome to one of the BEST sports in the world.

Choosing a rifle is pretty tough. it has a hundred variables that will make a difference. I have been hunting with a .270 since i was 12, and will never consider another cal. bolt gun wise. I started out with dads Winchester Ranger 30-30 that i still brush hunt with today (in the woods). All we can really do is give you some guidance on what works for what. I shoot my .270 as much as i shoot a .22 LR. ammo is fairly cheap, (i reload so its cheaper), and it will kill anything in the US. (some disagree, but hey, were all here for the same cause). the .30-06 is another great gun. dad has hunted with an -06 since before he was in the navy during Vietnam. i have buddies that use .308's, etc. depending on your stature, find what feels right to you. and like stated above, spending 150-250 bucks on a scope will make a big. diff. wally mart isnt really the best place to go. here are a few questions i have for you. 1. What will you be hunting? 2. What is your build? and 3. how much do you want to spend. well, hope this helped a little bit, and welcome to the club,

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